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Currently: Elementary School Enrichment Program Manager
Mental Health Advocate, Creator, & Blogger
Aspiring Empowered Empath and Clinical Psychologist

Welcome to my blog! I started this site in the beginning of January 2021 as a positive initiator for the new year, a mental health resource for the youth who may relate to my similar experiences in university, and a source of personal accountability for my own well-being. Growing up, I have always been a naturally introspective, curious person who seeks to learn and understand the purpose behind all actions, experiences, and moments of the world... So here's my story, summed up.

2016 was the year I finally made a move to initiate my self-love journey towards improved mental and physical health. As a 15 year old girl with my new vegetarian diet, I personally found veganism one year later as a means to live sustainably, in alignment with my rich love for all sentient beings. This is how I initially started my original blog named @plantifullylivin on Instagram; I ate plants so that I may fully and healthily live. Aside from my former passion of nutrition, I decided to stick with my blog's original name because I am now all about fully living with an emphasis on mental health and internal growth. Hence the wordplay: plantifullylivin = plan to fully live in... your truth! :)


The next three years of my adolescence were crucial periods of self-realization and self-actualization, as it acted as a significant transitional stage from high school to college. I experienced some of the highest joys and lowest hardships. In retrospect, I hope to share what I have learned in finding and creating my voice through this digital creative outlet.


Fast forward to 2020: the pandemic spurred me to finally expand my blog for further opportunities to ignite my creative passions for writing, to eagerly discover myself and others more, and to maintain the parts of me that make me feel truly alive and motivated and inspired. I am now 21 years old, with a rejuvenating newfound perspective on the world around me.


As a recent college graduate with a B.S. degree in psychology at the University of California, Davis, I hope to promote, educate, and stand up for the well-being of all individuals in society. I am a mental health and disability rights advocate. Compassion is my calling.


I envision a better world by doing the best I can. Ultimately, I find deep purpose in mitigating the suffering of others (including myself) through self-expression. It's all about connecting. And as a future counseling psychologist, I believe I can help others connect in the way they dream to be, too.


Hope to see you around, and hope you stick around. Subscribing to this blog as a member would be greatly appreciated. <3

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