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Plantifully Living. Plentifully Living.

Plan to fully live in this: you are loved, whole, and already enough.
Remember your roots.
Together, let's bloom where we are planted.

Welcome to my mental health and college lifestyle blog!

  • Here is a space where you can delve into my journalling thoughts, life updates, poetry, and recommendations for mental wellness.

  • Whether I can inspire you to experience life with increased mindfulness, fuel yourself with some food for thought, or spark interest in healthful media, I hope my content helps you embark on your beautiful journey of self-exploration and inner discovery.

  • Come along with me on my adventure of self-love and healing. By fully expressing myself, I also hope to encourage your own development and to amplify collective healing.

  • Out of the vast array of online sites in the digital world, this is a safe place for you to grow from where you are planted. I'm glad you're here.

Nourishment for the mind, body, and soul.

- Kat <3



Always open to communicate and meet new people. Feel free to contact me for collaboration, personal advice, suggestions for improvement on the blog, writing topic ideas, or any other pertinent reason! Preferably, you can also reach me at @plantifullylivin on Instagram.

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