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2022: The Year for Being Authentically You

Every time the TV turns on, the news is saturated with hatred, negativity, and violence.

Systemic issues must always be brought to light to be dismantled and changed,

But we tend to stagnate on these states of pain, and we often disregard how important internal balance must be for our well-being.

Once again, fear of uncertainty and unnerving angst vilifies our hope.

Such is a constant cycle:

We pass each day with a focus on distressful tension, while underestimating the power of gratitude.

While we must acknowledge stress, struggle, and the permanence of prevalent issues, we must not downplay how empowered we must be, to stay strong and conscientious.

This must be our vision to firmly approach mutual conflict resolution.

Each passing day goes by like a blur:

Memories are stripes of paint, so thin it dries rapidly onto the canvas,

with swipes of blankness, erasing the color that constitutes my vision.

Motivation is a constant struggle based on how fluctuating it can be.

Its absence creates days that are the hardest to get by.

Dissipating and fleeting describes everything we see

While eternal worth lies in everything unseen.

Behind the scenes to all is the latter, discreet power

That creates beautiful things,

Good things.

But it’s sad, to see how

good things are now seen as boring things.

The suppression of feeling has gone too far,

To where it is cool not to care.

It is cool to show how nothing can phase you,

And to mask your sadness with debilitating jokes at the expense of your own self.

It is cool to not show too much emotion,

Because if you do, you’re seen as too sensitive for this world.

When you’re too sensitive,

You’re seen as someone who is unequipped to handle the brutalities around you.

But I think it’s time to change that narrative.

Crack a smile, and see how your sensitivity allows you to smile.

Although you may be the one to cry the most in the crowd, or be affected by the littlest things, you may also be the most:

  • loyal

  • emotionally attuned

  • mindful

  • aware

  • thoughtful

  • caring

  • kind

  • and compassionate being you can be to everyone you meet.

Your sensitivity is a precious power that is purposefully pumped by the heart.

A soft heart is a strong heart, when it comes to love.

Love is the greatest force that conquers harm, and makes others smile.

Love is also the invisible prerequisite for passion.

Passion and motivation are the ingredients for your sustainable joy.

Be your own best friend, and spread that energy to others.

Do what makes your life worthwhile.

And when someone comes around to try and break your heart instead of supporting your self-discoveries,

showing sensitivity and compassion to yourself with affirmative boundaries will be your compasses of healing.

Persistent pumps of energetic flow are present for you to live towards the direction for your body, mind, and heart.

Millions of cells have been intricately formed and uniquely connected to create the extraordinary form of a soul that is YOU.

There is no one like you.

You are the only one who can define what truth means to you.

Someone’s disapproval does not have the power to approve of your own self.

Only you know what is best for the narrative of your own story.

Your veins flow with invigorating vitality.

Your muscles hold the physical strength needed to move, run, hug, and dance.

Your brain’s neural pathways pave way for the direction of your journey.

When you are in a state of fear or anger, your body always tries again with you.

Scars on your knees, cuts on elbows or wrists, and tearing of hair

always replenish back to equilibrium. They always grow.

Your wounds remind you how you will heal.

They recognize how pain will serve you as a tool to become stronger.

From your fingers, to your hands, to your arms, shoulders,

your veins direct you back to the hardest working muscle in the body:

your heart.

Your heart never gives up on you, so do not give up on your own.

With the help of your mind, may you let it be the guiding force for your own authenticity, peace, and goodness in this world.

This upcoming year of 2022, I challenge you to connect back to your heart. To do you what you genuinely love doing. To listen, speak, and act with thoughtful intention. To conquer your ego that inflicts insecurities upon you.

There is no Earth without art, and there is no art without the heart.

Amidst the sullen dullness, darkness, and heaviness of seasonal states of being, your heart will slowly but surely reveal the magic hidden in the little things.

Slowly but surely, your vision will be clearer than ever.

For when you create your purpose and follow it with passion, no one can stop you.

And when you follow your heart, you start to believe in yourself.

2022, here we come.

Sending much love, peace, and joy to all with the upcoming new year, amidst this ongoing, troublesome pandemic. Stay strong, connect back to your heart, and follow it fully. <3

- Kat <3

IG: @plantifullylivin


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