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7 Years (An Original Song)

It's BIPOC Mental Health Month. I'm going to admit, I have been in a writing slump since I have taken most of my time to relax with summer break, and I'll be going to Oregon for the first time next week! But I don't know what spurred me to write this song today this afternoon; it just poured out of me. So since July is coming to an end for acknowledging the mental health of BIPOC communities (although it should be every month), I thought I could share a bit of my introspection in this space, in the hopes of encouraging you to safely embrace your vulnerabilities. What you think about, how you act, your dreams, and aspirations all matter, regardless of what anyone says. When I find that friends, family, or strangers try and tear me down and dim my light, I have found that music (and writing in general) is an effective method of coping and cathartic release. Maybe you can find yours too, if you haven't found one already yet. :)

7 Years is a reflection of my journey overcoming grief and loss, dealing with the traps of guilt, and finally reaching a stable point of acceptance with my struggles. Every 7 years, our bodies naturally regenerate themselves with new cells, for it is there to rejuvenate our lives. In the same fashion, the song depicts how I have also mentally regenerated from my unhealthy thought patterns. My 13 year old self was in a completely different headspace than my 20 year old self. It's much better now. I was caged with guilt, and now I am free with acceptance (and still continuously learning to be. Always.).

Maybe you've had a similar experience, or perhaps it feels worse now. With this song, I hope you keep on going, because you and your life could be completely different, in a much better headspace, 7 years from now. Stay hopeful and strong, because you are.

This song is slightly different than my other ones in terms of tune and melody. Cheers to something different! I truly hope you enjoy and that it resonates with you in some way. <3

Listen to the song by playing this video:


13 year old me would have said it’s my fault

20 year old me now says that’s guilt talk

But I was a kid, I was just a teenager

Didn’t really know any better

So I blamed and shamed and blamed the person looking back at me in the mirror

Relentlessly picking at flaws

Questioning thoughts

Now I know what I used to not


I’m living in pressure all the time

With struggles acting as if they’re one of a kind

Used to pretend all was sublime

When I was really in shackles of my decline

Didn’t know rock bottom until it hit

Didn’t know the worst would come until it did

But 7 years can make a difference

It was never about me

And that is now my history

And now it’s up to me

To move forward toward healing

But detaching from you can still feel incredibly hard

'Cause I still got your birthday card you gave me that I can’t discard


I was a kid and I didn’t deserve it

I survived though I felt like a misfit

I know my worth now, and it won’t happen



I’m done with pressure all the time

With struggles acting as if they’re one of a kind

Done pretending all is sublime

Done with shackles of my decline

Rock bottom crashed down and already hit

Knew the worst would come when it did

'Cause 7 years made a difference.


Lastly, feel free to check out my YouTube channel here, where I have also posted the song. :)

- Kat <3

IG: @plantifullylivin


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