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A Breath of It All (+ an exciting announcement!)

Breathe. Inhale deeply, exhale softly.

Feel the air rushing into your lungs as you allow fresh energy from your surrounding environment into the whole miracle of a body that is YOU.

Ease your shoulders and finally let go of the breath you have been holding for so long.

Release the tension in every part of you, to have the comfort of peace hug you. It will embrace you, if you allow it.

When you start to retrain your train of thoughts into gratitude and mindfulness, you begin to see the miracles of each moment.

When you take a deep breath, and simply be, you begin to feel the breath of every opportunity in every moment pass by.

Every day, and as we grow older, we forget to relax and allow ourselves to dissipate the constant worries of expectation, uncertainty, and change.

But when you finally pause, when you finally stop, and when you finally create comfort through the chaos…

you can take a breath of it all.

You begin to respond thoughtfully, listen actively, and understand fully.

This is how you can plan to fully LIVE.

~ plantifullylivin (plan-to-fully-live) ~


Sometimes, I wish that I could give every person’s heart a warm hug.

To have everyone feel accepted, respected, understood, and safe.

This is what I strive to achieve with my opportunity for becoming a part of the United Nations Millennium Fellowship!

Though I’m slightly late to this delightful announcement (due to my Hawaii trip, more on that later), I am beyond ecstatic to be working with the My State of Mind team at UC Davis, to be learning leadership skills that enhance inclusivity through empathy, and to be meeting so many other visionaries who inspire me towards my purpose of healing.

Let’s plan to fully live, by starting with the one person you can control: YOU!

By changing you for the better, you can help change the world. And when we do it together, we make waves of wonderful impact.

Every little ripple of every momentary action transforms into waves, and waves transform into a moving ocean of wisdom, peace, and unity. Let us remember our humanity by remembering what makes us smile.

I am ready to get to work. <3

- Kat

IG: @plantifullylivin


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