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A Life Not Lived

“What’s the point?”

“When will this end?”

“I can’t do this.”

Phrases I have heard over and over inhibits my ability to surpass the bumps on the road.

The limitations of life can feel so overwhelming when you feel as if no one cares.

…Hold on.


A very bad thing, but also… a good thing. A blessing in disguise, actually.

There is no one in the world who overly critiques your flaws the way YOU do.

That pimple on your face?

How many slices of pizza you had?

How you forgot to shave?

Messed up on your makeup?

The way you talked too much? Too little?

Or accidentally unmuted yourself on Zoom?

No one cares about your trivial focus.

But so many people DO care about your true joy.

Pay attention to your self-talk: do you often let ONE bad moment worsen your ENTIRE day?

“It’s over.”

Another big phrase I often hear.

But when can we turn “over” into “overcome”?

Everyday is a gift when you realize how the little things are the really big things. Gratitude is a powerful and universal resource when everything feels heavy.

Water. Food. Friends. Family.

Water loves you as it replenishes your organs and revitalizes your entire body from the inside out.

Food is your loving fuel to help you not only survive, but to THRIVE when you feed yourself with plentiful nutrition that compels you to feel GOOD.

And the best friends and family unconditionally love you.

But how can you tell in rooted ruts of doubt and uncertainty?

It is the ones who have seen you on your darkest days, and yet were still by your side to support you, to pick you back up, to show you the light again. Everyone deserves this kind of care.

Without care of yourself and of others, the feeling of community and a sense of belonging is impossible.

The core of care is rooted in patient, gracious love.

And a world without love is devoid of humanity.

And isn’t humanity what makes humans beautiful?

But you cannot see the infinite beauty of the external world until you explore your inward adventure of self-acceptance and self-love.

Because at the end of each day when you rest upon your bed, how can you peacefully sleep if you speak to yourself like your worst enemy?

Why must you tell yourself that you are not infinitely beautiful and limitlessly worthy of love? Where does the root of this insecurity stem from?

How do you expect to fully experience your happiest joys when you are not joyfully being comfortable in your own skin?

Currently, there are days when this feels really hard to do.

I myself am not perfect. I have my own flaws I work on. Each and every day, college teaches me something I should continuously improve on. Healing is a never-ending work in progress that can even last a lifetime.

I can be hypocritical of my own advice.

I tend to be too trusting. I care too much, too often to where I can take life too seriously.

I can be too much of a dreamer. And I may overly idealize people.

But I will not let my perception of seeing the inherent good of the world become swept in the dust.

Some say this is being naive.

They can think that is who I am, but I am now just learning the hidden strength within me:

Optimism is my lens to find myself back again.

A life without hope is a life lacking of excitement.

Curiosity drives my desire for knowledge.

Knowledge is power, and knowledge not acted upon is a gift wasted.

At the end of each day, my dream is a revolution of evolution.

Not to forcibly overthrow an external government, but rather to reform the governing of our personal conversations.

The words we speak to ourselves and to others, directly reflects our internalized meanings from intentional listening.

Does our speech come from an unseen, intangible place of seamless abundance, or an invisibly impactful place of turbulent emptiness?

Let us realize our worth.

In doing so, we can collectively overturn unjust forms of inner shame, anxiety, depression, and lack into a groundbreaking evolution of a new order.

A new order embedded in confidence over arrogance, and understanding that we are not our mistakes.

A new order shaped in how everyone around us is going through something we ourselves will never understand.

A new order of newfound compassion and respect for all beings.

There will never be enough kindness to give in this world we have now, so give it lovingly.

Love is the most powerful force that conquers all forms of rigid control, to drive our planet into a better place where unity becomes the norm.

In a world where divisiveness and disconnection is fixed, let us transform our own communities to make loving feel easy again.

The best thing we can do for others is by being our best selves.

This means questioning our prejudices, educating ourselves on our privilege, and truly understanding other communities you are not a part of. This helps gain a stronger sense of clarity to where you stand with others, how you can make an impact, and how you can live up to your maximum potential.

You can’t change the entire universe, but you can change the vast universe within you.

You must be self-aware of ALL that you offer and ALL that you must improve on in order to flourish into a better you.

No matter how much you give to others, your presence to yourself is ultimately the best present you can ever give in your entire experience of living.

There is nothing to lose in giving, except when you do not initially know your inherent value and profound worth.

Let’s normalize radical acceptance for all clear forms of love languages, for all kinds of kindness.

This is the power of optimism: you realize that every difficult experience presents opportunities for learning and improving and discovering and growing.

It is in this perspective that gentleness and sensitive strength can win over the hard and mean critic within you, that constantly reminds you that you’re never enough.

I must repeat — You are beautiful. No matter what.

Realizing your own beauty is how you may see the beauty in others on a whole different level.

The only price you will ever have to pay for being your incredible self is the people who cannot afford what you offer: your remarkable qualities, extraordinary traits, and indestructible character.

People who make you feel like you are not enough, simply are not enough for you.

And if you don’t see that, maybe the pandemic is your perfect opportunity to reflect.

Turn your life not lived, into a life to fully live.

Change your life to change the world.

It all starts with you.

- Kat


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