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A Meditative Space

~ Meditative Monday ~

Meditative Theme: space.


In a modern life where work is deemed as the only necessary means of living,

In a current state of darkness where feelings are not discussed,

In a hurtful world where validation is repeatedly sought on superficiality,

we have become so disconnected with our own hearts.

It is only when strong emotions rekindle from within, that help you return back to your heart.

But why must we excessively hide ourselves, until we reach THIS ultimate breaking point?

Why do we discourage ourselves to feel it all? When can we start encouraging each other?

How wonderful it would be if we can transcend all forms of pressure into long-lasting pleasure.

How brave it would be to seek discomfort, to look from within, and to explore the unseen.

Can you stop underestimating the secret power and sensitive strength of what keeps us alive, every single day?

The strength of the heart does wonders, in ways that the mind is fundamentally incapable of.

You are infinite space:

a vessel disguised as a body, the universe enveloped in the soul’s shields of your aches.

This heaviness you feel is from so many people taking up so much space in your heart.

But this is not yours to carry, for it is gravity that decides what to do with their voluminous weight.

Now, can you leave room for yourself first, so others can warmly be invited?

Fly into the space of your own heart to experience the expansion of the life you have now.

You are everything.

- Kat <3

IG: @plantifullylivin

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