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A Moment on the Bus (Focusing on the Little Things)

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

I am feeling incredibly inspired to help others feel inspired.

Picture of Kat on the bus taking a selfie with her mask on.

With the first full week done in this college quarter, I am so excited with my engagement in disability rights, mental health advocacy, and introspective writing. In-person schooling has been immensely gratifying for me so far. I am feeling pretty content with my current courses, as I am just starting my upper division psychology classes. And I am pleasantly surprised with how smooth things have been. (And I am also still in awe that I am graduating next year in December...that's wild. Time is going too fast.)

Now, I could continue giving you the whole spiel of constant life updates,

or I can express one tiny little tidbit moment of my week that fully grasps how I have recently been feeling.

I am going to do the latter. :)

So I usually bike to school, but this week I decided that I’d take the Unitrans bus for a change. As I settled down on the nearest seat towards the exit door, I had a random, special moment with this seemingly mundane part of my day.

It was in this sliver of a second where I felt invigorated by this small, typical yet profound experience of being fully immersed by college students around me. As I was on this bus, I took a brief yet thorough look at everyone around me,

how each individual has their own narrative and story that is going on in their own heads,

how we are all going through everything together,

how no one has it all together but it seems like they all do,

how we all universally share limitless expansion and potential within ourselves,

how we tend to think the contrary and fixate on the impermanent limiting parts of ourselves,

and how we are all really different, but also the same in a sort of way.

Selfie of Kat looking around the bus, with the sun in the background depicting its rays.

As I sat there on the bus, fully grasping the stimuli of this tiny space of people sitting and standing all around me, I felt bliss and joy to the familiarity of experiencing real life again.

I enjoyed this seemingly boring, daily, typical, and normal experience after a year and a half of not having it. With the complete lack of in-person socialization, communication, and surroundings, it made this moment feel even more special.

And right there and then, the notion that I will never have that moment ever again in my entire life,

how I eventually won't be seeing these college students 5 years from now,

and how I won't be taking the bus to commute next year once I graduate,

also creeped up into the arena of my awareness.

In this tiny period of the busy days of my weeks and months and years…

I recalled, recognized, and reiterated to myself that there is beauty in the little things of this life. We just so often forget to notice it, because it is so easy to miss.

We are dandelions, as we drift through the wispy stages and phases of our evolving growth and limitless potential.

We are always expanding--either the constriction or freedom of our inner existence--and it is up to us which direction we want to go.

And yet, the ineffable inevitability of the unknown in this life is also a force we surrender to. We must accept the things we cannot control, no matter how much we unconsciously allow it to control our own lives.

Through the balance of intrinsic liberating release and extrinsic beneficial connection, we let go of any unhealthy attachments that restrict the joy we are meant to fully feel.

By lifting ourselves up, we rise together. Just as dandelions rise in the air with kept and private promises, we reach out to each other for the flourishing of all of our desires.


We tend to underestimate how beautiful, intelligent, or intelligent we are. When in reality, the core of us is simply limitless expansion and potential that we have yet to fulfill. We all deserve gratifying lives, no matter how much we think otherwise.

All in all, this little recent moment I had on the bus reminded me to recognize, acknowledge, remember, and appreciate the little things we take for granted.

Because oftentimes, the little things are the best things in this life, just as the priceless ones are the most valuable sources of our bliss to come into fruition.

By changing your internal world with gratitude, you can help change the world into one that is closer to what you wish it to be.

With patience, you can slowly but surely seep into the confidence you use to fuel your strength.

With the awareness of your own thoughts, you can further heal.

And when you further heal, you can fully live.

~ Plan to fully live. ~


- Kat <3

IG: @plantifullylivin


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