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A Poem about Conquering Pain

Pain can never be conquered by force.

Pain must be dealt with by your own trust,

your own patience,

your own compassion.

All of which require the work not of the mind,

but of the heart.

Let us practice gentleness.

In ourselves, and those around us.

In the one quality that seems to be the opposite of strength, lies immense power.

Seeing the subtleties is a superpower itself.

It is the gift of the healers and the peacemakers.

Vulnerability is authenticity, which opens the door

to freedom,

to love,

to live.


In honor of World Mental Health Day yesterday, I wanted to share this short and sweet poem about the invincible strength that we all share. For it is our hearts that make us human and strong. As we do things that make our hearts feel big and alive, it is also love that revitalizes trust and builds kindness. In yourself, and then onto others.

It is okay to be sensitive. <3

Sending much love to all.

- Kat <3

IG: @plantifullylivin


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