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Alchemize Your Joy

About 7 months ago during an internship I had at an elementary school, I heard the headteacher say “feel the flow” as every kid wiggled their arms as if they were doing the wave. For some reason, that snippet of a moment stuck with me to this day. Not only was it unforgettably cute, but also:

What is “feeling the flow?”

Now that my first full month after graduating college has passed, I realize through retrospection that every single day supplements a continuation of series, phases, and stages of our aliveness, perception, and moods.

Feeling the flow is simultaneously the aware recognition of impermanence, acceptance of the temporary nature of the present, and the stabilizing strength to see, capture, and create the beauty within each passing moment.

It takes so much courage to endeavor towards the pathway of acceptance for all dualities that encompass the complexities of our aliveness.

In this light, feeling the flow is connecting back with that innate courage in you to release built up tension even when the world challenges your smile.

When you remember what makes you smile, you remember how to connect better with others.

You do not find happiness; you create it. Creativity is a powerful source for joy. For when you build up the strength to create your own happiness, you become happier with and around others.

If you feel like you haven’t smiled in a while, may my words below hopefully help…

The next time you aren’t feeling your best self, I hope you remember the gifts of your future:

  • You have SO many more amazing songs to listen to that you haven’t just yet,

  • New pretty places to explore,

  • New delicious flavors to taste,

  • New pleasant aromas to smell,

  • New incredible people to wrap your arms around,

  • New internal sensations to feel,

  • And so. Much. More.

If you do not give yourself a chance to open up and see the world around you, how are these new opportunities going to come to you?

Keep on going. By revealing the beauty of the true you, even more beauty will open up. The more you open up, the more openings and opportunities reveal themselves.

Beautiful people remember their aliveness by feeling their flow. Hope is the root source that channels excitement and a zest for life.

My flow is remembering our humanity. My flow is alchemizing my joy. Now, it’s time to alchemize yours.

Kat's silhouette with a sunset behind her where she is thinking about thoughts that best serve her
Alchemizing my joy and never stopping <3 I hope you do the same!


Now a real update: Life in my hands right now has been smoother sailing than ever (for the most part!). It is truly wild how much a month can change everything. All because of one major shift:

I am so thankful to announce that I got a job fresh out of college as an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ENRICHMENT PROGRAM MANAGER at Right at School!

With this job, I get to offer and set an educational curriculum for kids during after-school hours, enhance their creativity, inspire a love for learning, give parents a peace of mind, support schools, and engage in play. It’s not daycare or babysitting. It’s disguised learning through loads of fun and play. And I did not get paid to write this out… I say all of this through personal experience of having this job for a month now, and I absolutely adore it.

This is why post-grad life has been feeling so much better. Ever since I’ve gotten my job, I’ve been so much happier. Less time self-sabotaging about what I lack in life, and more time refocusing and orienting myself within spaces that remind me of my strength.

Name art paper spelling "Kat" in black, with mountains on top, a surfboard in the middle, and a pumpkin patch with a bridge at the bottom of the paper
Spot my name in this name art activity I did with the kiddos!

Spaces that nourish my inner child.

Kat holding 2 puzzles she got from the park for free at a "Little Free Library"
Getting puzzles for students in my program to enrich their learning and enhance their curiosity has been ineffably amazing!

Fostering growth and enriching the youth is what enriches me.

Kat looking at herself in the mirror before work, feeling satisfied :)
Post-Grad Life is now a success story with my new job <3 :)

And what a full circle moment of being introduced to “feeling the flow” earlier this year before graduation, to now working within the same environment that nourished my flow: schools! And with the youth!

I’ve been journaling more, remembering and connecting back to myself through the service of others, and embracing the free-flowing freedom, liberation, and fun that’s been leaving me balanced and busy in the best way possible.

On a related note, I am so honored to express how you can get a closer glimpse into my latest initiatives and perspectives through the Unwind the Mind’s latest podcast episode I have been featured on: Katrina Zara, My State of Mind’s Foundational Members & Long Time Psychology Writer/Blogger on Journeys & Change! In the episode, I discuss topics on change, new places, how my mental health has been affected, my writing, my motivation to continue mental health advocacy through my words and intentions, and so much more!

Having this epic chat with my amazing coworker and friend Macy always allows me to tune back into the blessings that my life has had to offer me so far.

And knowing that I can be of support to have others do that for themselves - that is what drives my aliveness.

Kat's silhouette of her standing and doing a thumbs up at the camera, with a sunset behind her
I challenge you to keep being alive, by alchemizing YOUR joy. :)

To alchemize your joy is to do what makes you feel alive and to never stop.

As always, sending much love and light to all; thank you so much for reading! <3

- Kat <3




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