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Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health & Illness with Christine

Welcome to the third episode of my interview series I have co-hosted with Katrina Fenner! We are honored to have our guest speaker and mental health advocate, Christine, discuss her journey on dealing with mental illness, how she overcame the stigma, and her own project initiative called "A Tin a Day," as a means to further support mental health services, increase awareness, and implement positive change in creative, sustainable, and aware manners. (Project linked below to vote for her current running contest!)

The intersection between mental health and human rights is crucial to understanding how mental health services, support, and accessibility are not ideally offered in our social communities today. As Christine said it, we must not only de-stigmatize mental health, but we must also decolonize it. Decolonizing mental health can only lead to greater clarity and accessibility for all marginalized communities.

With Mental Health Awareness Month, we must remember that mental health, respect, and safety are basic human needs that must granted for all.

Check out Christine's platforms below, as well as Katrina and mine here:

Christine's Platforms:

IG: @christinemhw


Project: A Tin A Day

Please support and vote for her project initiative here!

Katrina Fenner's Platforms:

IG: @inkdroplets

Katrina Zara's Platforms:

IG: @plantifullylivin // @katrinazara

- Kat <3

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