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Commotion: A Poem for All My Overthinkers

When you feel there is too much going on in your head, may these words help shine some clarity into the inner peace that is patiently resting within you:

Chaos creeps in on my perseverance to move forward and to move on.

Turbulence tramples over the timeline of my healing.

Tension dominates my gravitation towards lightness.

But I must remember my vision of letting go to grow, instead of holding onto the darkness of my mind’s caves.

I must recall my loss, to regain my newfound balance:

The cave of my mind was created when my world crumbled down.

For I had put full trust into someone I thought I once wholeheartedly knew,

only to be let down, and left with my own sense of self to become founded.

It was from the betrayal of someone I had once trusted.

Trust is an interesting thing. It is one of the few intangible things that cannot ever be repaired, or be the same way it was, after it has been damaged.

With the loss of trust, I am left to ask myself again and again:

When does commotion transform into benevolent motion?

The commotion of chaotic emotional damage can only be repaired by the patience in sitting with the darkness.

On the dark days and mundane moments of day-to-day life, on the periods of constant questioning and repeating resentment, on those times of tearful hopelessness and helplessness, comfort is there with a simple call away:

it is okay to not be okay.

it is okay to do things while still being afraid.

it is okay if you do not believe in yourself.

simply let go of the rigid expectations in having it “all together,” because no one truly lives in this manner.

we are all battling with self-doubt one way or the other, for no one is perfect in this world.

and in actuality, our individualized imperfections are what make us perfectly, imperfectly, perfect.

as long as you’re taking active steps for improvement, this is your best way to heal. you are right where you should be, right here, right now.

In recognizing these distant calls of light and hope and love, commotion transcends chaos and molds itself into motion.

Motion towards your expansions and beautiful visions of newfound self-discovery and creation.

Motion away from the limiting beliefs of your mind’s tensions and restrictions.

The best loss we can ever gain is the loss of emotional tension.

This is commotion at its finest…

commotion is the hidden calmness,

to move into a motionless state of inner peace.

Every loss is a lesson when you allow it to be.

- Kat <3

IG: @plantifullylivin

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