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Love is Safety: Post-Valentine's Day Thoughts

Without love, there is no feeling of joy, life, or hope.

Love is safety. It is freedom, peace, light, and everything good in this world.

You are the biggest reason why you are ALIVE.

Kat in SF Botanical Gardens looking at a tree and smiling

You can help the world feel lighter and brighter when you realize that there is infinite love within you.

No matter how much you have felt broken with heartache, it is YOU that is the source for your laughter, movement, and healing.

Let that powerful truth sink in for a minute… Realizing how far you have come can fill up your own cup with extraordinary feelings of gratitude and abundance.

Nourishing and being your best self cannot happen without the support of others. Your environment shapes you and your communities mold your views, beliefs, and values. Invest yourself into those worthy of your time and energy. Cherish these people who have helped you become your best self, and forever keep them in your heart.

Above all, your greatest impact will be your own efforts to care and love for YOU. That is what will make you feel most alive.

Every single thought, action, and decision you make will lead to the experiences that transform into either learning opportunities or beautiful memories. Because it is what you do for YOURSELF, with the choices you make, with the words you express, with the level of honesty, compassion, and kindness you offer for yourself, that will lead to your impact of surrounding smiles around you.

Throughout this gap year, I have been able to have the most fun I’ve had in a while, with the best company I have ever had, through unprecedented plans of travel and trips. And what I have realized is that it always gets worse before it gets better. College was a time of major struggle and lows, and going through that chapter of my life finally led me to a phase of greater confidence, comfort, and acceptance.

But of course, this does not mean I am perfect.

I personally find it funny when people I know think I have my life all together, because I really don’t as much as it sounds like I do when I write on this blog. I write here as a reminder and as a source of inspiration for myself and others to remember their humanity, cultivate gratitude for how far they have come, practice self-care, and even more than that. Ultimately, I write on here to hopefully help you heal from whatever hurts or has been hurting you. Because if I can do it, then you can too.

It is normal to feel like there will always be parts of you that you don’t love about yourself. Fully loving myself has always felt like an impossible feat, because the way I’ve found it easy to love others so easily does not even compare. But fully loving yourself is different than fully accepting yourself.

Kat smiling and smelling a flower at the SF Botanical Gardens.
There is beauty in each moment of every day - no matter how mundane living can be, there is always something to be grateful about.

Accepting all the parts of you that make you unique is something I am trying to remember this Valentine’s Day. Despite how hard it can get, understanding and being aware of embracing my flaws and the parts I am not fond of with myself just makes each day of living a lot more easier and fun. So remember to laugh, smile, breathe, and say thank you. Say thank you to someone, anyone, whether that be you or another person dear to your heart.

Today is Valentine’s Day - the day of love. Above everyone and everything, it is the day to remember you. You are love and light.

Kat smiling at the camera with small red heart makeup on their cheeks
You are everything :)

Sending my love and light to you all and thank you so much for reading. <3

- Kat

IG: @plantifullylivin


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