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Mental Health Interview: Destigmatization with Georgia

To spur the momentum of Mental Health Awareness Month, I'm excited to announce the project initiative I have been working on with my dear friend, Katrina Fenner (I know, funny we have the same name)!

Here is the release of our first mental health interview, where will be interviewing people from various backgrounds and walks of life to help educate, inform, and promote awareness about all things mental health.

We are honored to kick off the series with our first guest, Georgia, where they discuss their experiences growing up, leading with humility and empathy, and their overall journey with mental health.

As a viewer, I truly hope you get something out of these interviews that will benefit your own wellness. We conducted these interviews because we want everyone to know that mental health matters, and YOUR own is completely true, real, and valid. Our minds are like oceans: expansive, vast, mysterious, beautiful, and profound. Let it be your guide, as long as you nourish it and do what you can to thrive. Let us feel, let us be alive.

Stay tuned for the next interview, next week. :)

If you are interested, all of our platforms can be found below:

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