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Mountains (+ Mother Earth)

They say time helps the healing,

But it is times like these when I see how life can be fleeting.

Temporary states have me hyper-fixate on love-like attachment, and detached from unconditional love.

My mind says:

The depersonalization of pain and transforming it into wholeness is the root of all contentment. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

And my heart says: Welp, ouch. I’m not there yet.

Trusting the unknown becomes harder when you feel like

you are carrying a whole mountain and more on barren shoulders.

And in these depressive ruts, I take a moment to look at my mountain.

Then, I reflect.


And let it all in.

Just as I express to my most loved ones, I must also tell myself:

I deserve all the joy that this life has to offer.

If I can give love and compassion towards my friends, family, cats, dogs, and all animals alike, then why can’t I give it to myself? Why do I beat myself up for my mistakes, and for what I didn’t know before?

And then, little by little, my heart approaches closer to the motivations of my mind:

My focus is my reality, and awareness is where all my power lies.

I become inclined to think that these heavy inclines no longer conquer me.

With the light and strength within me, I realize I am meant to climb those mountains.

For it is not these intimidating heights that dominate me; I am the traveler who stands on the grounds towards my potential.

Thank you, mountain. For pulling me down, so I know what is like to move back up again.

And thank you, Mother Earth. For reminding me how beautiful this life can be, only if I allow myself to see your beauty.

~ Attachment to nothing, detachment to everything. ~


This was a poem about overcoming my struggles with realizations I have made in therapy, as well as a celebration of nature in honor of Earth Day tomorrow. Writing this also helped me stay accountable for my mental well-being. <3

I didn't get to post last week since I was adjusting to my new quarter's classes, as well as increased involvement and participation in my mental health work on campus. But I did find some time to create this, and I do hope you got something out of it in some way. And in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month coming up in May, I'm excited to be posting some new content on here, so stay tuned for that!

Lastly, to everyone out there, please check up on the ones who you feel need it the least, because the happiest people you think you know may be struggling the most.

As always, sending much love to all.

- Kat

IG: @plantifullylivin


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