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On "Finding" Yourself

External voices lecture on how we must “find” ourselves.

To “discover” who we are, to know who we are.

But how can we know who we “are,”

when there is a lack of substance in our chatter

and saturated sickness in the air?

We are spoon-fed with daily tendencies to instill our minds in empty energy,

instead of full routines for knowing how to be truly mindful.

In minding less of what brings us joy, we become mindless of our potential bliss.

And as we spoon feed others after being mindlessly taught how undeserving we are of love,

we unknowingly amplify the sounds of hatred and shots of suffering.

Externality persistently nags about marching to the beat of our own drum,

when we simply forget to hear the sounds of our own beats.

We have attempted to hear our surrounding’s sounds so much,

to the point that we forget to listen to our own voice.

But inner blame is not our pathway towards freedom,

for ignorance is different than unknowing intention.

But we must know now.

We must know ourselves TRULY, to fully live...


Now, place your hand on your chest.

Connect with that beating; be present with the energy inside of you.

Do you see it now?

Your inner pulse deflects you from all impulse, to pull you back to your roots.

Your centeredness pounds on and on for guiding reflection:

The catalyst to your purpose lies in the infiniteness of your heart.

Stop thinking, and just be.

Stop rationalizing, and just feel.

And maybe then,

you can realize that you were never empty.

You just lost sight of your wholeness.

Inner sight will guide you towards insight.

You can redefine the act of “finding” yourself, by returning to the wholeness you strayed away from.

“Discovering” yourself is simply just “creating” yourself back to your primal state: love.

Instead of molding ourselves into facades of fakery and masks of misunderstanding,

we must mold ourselves back to the realities we wish to manifest.

The universal language of kindness cannot be devoid of truth.

Truth is spoken subtly when we change the way we listen: compassion is the call for courage.

But in a cruel world, courage is dimmed down when the death of hope for happiness prevails.

After generations of gravitation towards other’s orbits, gravitate now to your gracious serenity of self…

We must become ignited by our own inner light.

And although it may not seem like it,

this world is patiently waiting for you to shine.

Again and again, society noisily reiterates on finding your “purpose,”

but you already own your purpose within you.

Similar to the process of “finding” yourself,

understanding your “purpose” derives from your CREATION, not your findings.

Create, create, create, for there is no Earth without art.

The beauty in art lies in its subjectivity and relatability to all human beings.

I wish that my words may dance around and hug you with all the love that you already are.

With each masterpiece of writing and painting and music alike,

lose yourself to find yourself, to wonderfully create yourself AGAIN,

back to the version of YOU, before the loss of trust tore you to pieces.

Let us now mend the messy pieces and scattered parts of ourselves together.

Though you never deserved inevitable pain, you are here now for your powerful transformation.

May you nurture, cultivate, and share your gifts, because you, yourself, already are a gift.

A perfectly imperfect, precious, and priceless one.

You are an invaluable present, and you must open yourself up to the world, to let others in.

Above all, the best present you can ever give to yourself and to others is your own presence.

The presence of all your thoughts, all your emotions, and all your states of being must be honored by all who know your worth.

When you keep on going with newfound knowing, you keep on growing.

To become mindful of oneself is to become fulfilled with beautiful minds.

And when beautiful minds unite,

we can create a beautiful world.

- Kat <3


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