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From Pain, Potential, Passion, to Power

Pain precedes potential and passion.

Transformed pain becomes passion.

The moment your heart painfully breaks becomes the moment you may beautifully channel harm into beautiful magic: growth.

People will break your heart, but will simultaneously fix your vision. And you will make decisions that will hurt your heart, but eventually heal your soul.

Pain only serves to strengthen us so that we may embody who we are meant to become.

You will realize how strong and powerful you are when you come to a point where the only available option is to give up everything that wasn’t meant for you.

Life does not happen to you. Life happens FOR you. Because you don’t wait for it. You CREATE it.

Pain that is not transformed is trauma.

When you acknowledge, accept, and seek to understand the traumas of your mind and body, that is when the world around you changes.

When you change for the better, you change the world for the better, because YOU are important in this world.

The more cracks there are in your core, the more light can come in.

The more holes of hollow emptiness are formed, the more chunks of hope can be transformed into a full heart.

Do not dim your light, do not dim your magic.

You do not create your potential. Your potential is already waiting for you.

Patiently waiting for you to initiate the first step of pursuing your consistent intention of joy, and destination of love.

You are as powerful as how much love you give. First to yourself, then onto others.

When you advocate for yourself, you advocate for the world, because you MATTER in this world.

Trauma from pain initiates transformation. Transformed pain allows you to see your potential. With your potential, you will create your passion. When you eventually commit to your passion, you will finally feel your innately profound, limitless, and expansive power.

Use that power to impact the hearts of others, to move them toward their own potential power too.

At the end of the day, no one will care about you GPA, title, or salary. They will remember how you treated others, how you carried yourself, and how you made them feel.

Above all, firstly feel all of the sensations in your internal world. You may only impact others as much as you impact yourself, for you cannot pour from an empty cup.

By embracing all of your feelings, whether they are “good” or “bad,” you help others feel better by your presence of acceptance, ease, and flow. This is what it means to live fully.

The trajectory of positive change is rooted within you. From you, it will extend energetically and radiate outwardly onto your atmosphere.

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. Transform it, because your power has been waiting for you to manifest it this whole time.

~ It all starts with you. ~


This past quarter in college has been quite the busy adventure. There is always something to do everyday, which constantly keeps me on my toes with a preoccupied mind. I wrote the post above a few weeks ago, as I contemplated on the person who I was, who I currently am, and who I anticipate to become.

This past week, Valentine's Day has recently passed. Last year, I wrote a post about making this day focused towards genuine connections for life, instead of superficial attachments for show. This year, I decided to journal and make a love letter for myself, to honor the current version of myself.

We are all messy, imperfect beings. No one has it all together, including me. I have no problem being the first person to say that I don't know a lot, about a lot of things (even if this blog creates a facade that I do). I am a beginner in a plethora of ways, and still unaware of many of my thoughts. But that's what makes each day interesting. If we knew absolutely everything that there is to know for our lives, and if we lived in a utopian world, each day would feel mundane and boring.

I realize that negative feelings feel less painful when you allow yourself to sit with it, so that it does not eventually consume your mind in a forceful approach. When I feel sad or down, and I accept that this is how I feel instead of pushing towards self-denial or invalidation (no matter how illogical it may rationally be), I am actually able to relax more. I think this approach has helped me out a lot so far this year.

How you healthily cope may be different, and that is totally acceptable, valid, and okay. But one thing is universal:

When you try to heal the harm in oneself through the awareness of self-sabotaging thoughts, it paves way for you to inflict the least harm onto the pathways of your future loved ones. We learn this every day, through every social interaction that we must not take for granted as we tackle through this ongoing pandemic together.

When we gradually build a collective desire to mitigate our own harm we put out within our communities, we strengthen not only our existing relationships, but also create greater opportunities for love, belonging, and acceptance. When you work on yourself, you work in favor for the world.

So here I am. My way to work on myself is the outlet of journalling, writing, and blogging. Below is the love letter to myself if you would like some self-care energy, good vibes, and inspiration. Sending much love to all, and happy belated Valentine's Day! <3


My Love Letter:

I trust that I am embodying who I am meant to become. I will allow people to come into my life when they add value and complement my joy. I will continually learn and grow everyday to love out my full, limitless potential. I am an ever-evolving, multifaceted, complex human being who is capable of so many things, even on days when I don't feel like it. The only limit and barrier in my life is my mind. When my mind, heart, and body are fulfilled with my basic needs, my desired wants may be more easily attained.

Smiling feels easier when I remember who I truly am.

Never have I ever felt ready to wake up and inject hope, novelty, and curiosity in each and every moment of this life we take for granted.


- Kat

IG: @plantifullylivin


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