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Planting Seeds for Growth

After 2 weeks into the new year, here is a nature poem to further set the theme of this blog. I also expect to branch out in further topics I have experienced in my life (immersion of different cultures, social change/justice, etc)!

I truly hope to encourage and inspire all types of readers to pause, reflect, and act on their journeys of self-discovery, growth, and healing. As a nutrition science major who firmly values food as fuel to thrive, I do prioritize the mental diet above all.

Without initiating proper self-care, you cannot fully live to your maximum potential. Hope you enjoy the poem. :)


(Photo taken by me, at Davis, at the beautiful arboretum gardens.)

What seeds can you plant today, so that you can bloom and blossom tomorrow?

On rainy days, may you have compassion for yourself as much as you give it to others.

Planting the seeds of sitting with yourself will help you grow your own garden of authenticity.

Baby steps for baby stems to baby sprouts.

Take a piece of peace by absorbing sunlight from your environment.

Growth cannot exist from an inhibiting and dark atmosphere that restricts you from your deserved resources.

Do you see that the true elements of your nature are meant to unconditionally care, support, and love you?

The sun’s rays affirm you of the warmth you need to extend your branches, to extend your connections.

Water your soul to sprout stems of kindness, compassion, acceptance, love.

Because how can you plant other trees if you do not grow from your own rain storms, first?

How can your relationships with others flourish if you do not prioritize your primal nourishment?

First and foremost, prioritize your peace.

Nurturing nutrition from the inside will allow you to radiate healthful nutrition on the outside.

Plantifully live, plentifully live. Plan to fully live, fully live with plants.

Protect your energy. Direct it towards acceptance and wholeness.

Live life by allowing life to naturally unfold for you.

You have it within you. Believe it, and it will come.


As always, sending much love and abundance your way. <3

- Kat


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