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Progress is dancing to a song you used to cry over.

It is finally finding something to smile about when when you look in the mirror,

laughing over what once made you bitter,

and singing to the lyrics of a love song for yourself, by yourself.

Comfortably and peacefully, no longer chanting for others out of obligation.

Progress is the bravery to pause.

For feeling, instead of distraction.

Pondering for understanding,

instead of resisting for inflicting and projecting.

Progress is feeling a bit lighter, when you once felt like the world was too heavy to bear.

When you feel like a burden,

remember that this weight is not yours to carry.

Your energy is yours to own, and yours only.

Progress is remembering that nothing is ever an end, but rather a bend.

Never termination, but rather constant shifts in perception.

Progress is looking through any window and trusting the glass.

To trust your own perception is to trust that of others.

Strive not for perfection, but for progress.

Trusting this messy process will make every little moment much more enjoyable.

It may be deceivingly counterproductive with its ups and downs of bliss and misery, but isn't that why we are here? To experience all the highs and the lows, to make you, YOU?

When doubt overwhelms steadiness, I hope you water your trust rooted in seeds of affirmation:

Progress is progress, no matter how small.


For anyone is struggling at anything and/or everything right now, this is for you:

If you drank water, ate food, slept adequately, and took proper care of yourself, you're already winning at life today. Why? Because your existence matters. You matter. And so many people love, cherish, and support you. Keep being strong.

Hope this poem helps anyone out there; as always, sending much love to all.

- Kat <3

IG: @plantifullylivin


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