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Questions to Ask Everyday

Curiosity is what keeps life exciting. To maintain curiosity by asking questions, is to help keep our daily lives exciting from obligated, mundane tasks. And surely with pandemic, it has not been quite as easy to maintain the joyous exhilaration of living.

Now that I am 20 years old, I thought that it would be helpful to share 20 questions that I occasionally ask myself, to keep my mental health in check and to connect with the self. I like to view them as guides that help navigate towards greater solace, serving thoughts, and increased mindfulness. Some may hit harder for you than others. Regardless of which ones resonate or not, I hope this may act as your guide to experience the internal benefits it has given me, too.

1. Would my 10 year old self be proud of the current version of me? If not, what can I do now that helps me become my own ideal role model?

2. With every action I initiate, who am I trying to impress?

3. How do I expect to be treated?

4. Did I react or respond to them?

5. Am I placing my focus on thoughts that are serving me?

6. Am I leaving space for the entire spectrum of emotions to be invited into my mind, or am I resisting particular feelings? Why am I resisting?

7. What attachments can I let go of, to let in and leave space for more serving thoughts?

8. Am I viewing this experience as a problem, challenge, or opportunity?

9. Am I accepting what I cannot change, or am I dwelling on the inevitable?

10. Am I making one bad day equivalent to an entire bad life?

11. Instead of worrying about if they like me, do I even like them?

12. Does this thought mitigate or amplify the joy that I deserve? Why or why not?

13. Am I prioritizing my peace?

14. Am I nourishing myself physically, mentally, and spiritually?

15. If the only person you should ever compare yourself to is you, then why do I compare yourself to others so often?

16. What moment of my day has made me feel most alive?

17. What are three things that I feel grateful for about myself? About other people around me?

18. If I can create anything out of nothing at any given time, what’s something good that can I create from this present moment?

19. Am I better than the person who I was yesterday?

Lastly, and most recently...

20. What am I going to do today that my future self would thank me for?

~ These questions encourage tuning in with the self and to dig inward for greater solutions, clarity, and connection. When asking yourself any of these prompts, perhaps write it out in a journal or type it out on your notes. Doing so might increase the effectiveness of your reflection. Who knows, maybe you will discover something about yourself that you did not even know about before. That's what it did for me. :)

As always, sending much love to all.

- Kat <3

IG: @plantifullylivin


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