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Reframing our Lens on Effective Activism

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Nowadays, I often find this social pattern of hate conquering kindness.

It is easy for the world to harden us because it is founded upon hate. Hatred of our disparities, our differences, our extremities.

The idea of oneness in that we are all human beings simply wanting to be better for each other becomes clouded in the informational, polarizing diets of our screens.

Constant messages of “being strong and kind” seems to only be taken seriously within the mental health community.

But what if we can reframe our lens in that universal political and social justice directly stems from the voice in your OWN head?

The lack of connection to your truth is what makes you lose yourself.

This is why toughness and the hardening of our cores equates to positions of power and strength.

But toughness is different from strength.

Entitlement is different from compassion.

Egotistical fame and greed cannot rule the world, but that is what happened these past 4 years.

Though it is just the start of 2021, we can grow by changing HOW we create change...

Hate can reveal itself in many forms: self-hatred (this is a BIG one), or hatred towards a specific group or community or culture.

And fighting hate with even more hate, by all means, can only lead to universal disharmony. It does more damage than good.

Positive change starts with the execution of our tools: the media, our votes, and our voices. Though the world may never be in the way we imagine it to be, our mindful actions can make an imperfect and unjust life, a little bit better.

Because we are part of the future to heal the next generations, we are responsible to use the privilege we have through effective execution of our resources.

Everyone focuses on either promoting loud activism or having absolutely no voice. But what about focusing on the IN-BETWEEN?

These are the subtleties and nuances of what makes things worthy of our attention.

This implementation of resources must be founded from mindfulness: being aware if our intended actions can actually help serve the world, and not just an act of simple validation of oneself.

Remembering our own roots is the alternative solution to all forms of social and political issues. And education is essential.

On a micro level, powerful activism may be best when you lead by example; on a larger level, it may also be from simultaneously providing reasonable information to the public.

Observe, but do not absorb thoughts.

Discern the differences and possible disparities of every lens. Then, create a balanced belief of your own.

Educating, not attacking.

Informing, not forcing.

Leading by empathy, not by opinions.

When everyone else around you speaks with bitterness, speaking kindly to yourself is a brave act of service.

Service to self leads to service of others.

Stability of self leads to stability of others.

And serenity of the self will create social harmony of the collective, for it is founded upon widespread respect, acceptance, and reciprocity.

It all starts with you.

- Kat

IG: @plantifullylivin

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