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Seasons - A Poem about Our Healing, Connection with Nature, & Finding Our North Star

When it feels too much,

Too hard to bear,

Too taxing to handle,

And impossible to go through,

I remember lessons from Mother Nature.

An infinite series of seasons guide us towards fleeting states of the highs and the lows.

While permanent states feel consuming, I acknowledge how streams of thoughts are just rivers in motion.

And as all water flows, so must I go with the flow of the ups and the downs, the heaviness and the lightness, the darkness and the brightness.

A tree is solid and grounded,

never swaying completely with or against persuasive winds;

it knows itself, no matter its size or shape or color.

One of the best things about trees is that they remind us to breathe.

And as I remember to breathe, I return to the elements within my own core:

Solidity, groundedness, and acceptance of who I am.

These are the elements to regain my inner power.

When I feel down, I look up.

The sky always greets me no matter its mood.

Despite all muddled clouds with mist, sweet hugs with rays of sun, or trickling tearful raindrops, the permanence of its blue awareness always conquers what covers my head.

Perhaps that is why blue is my favorite color.

As the sky looms over my head,

So does my own awareness.

It is my power to focus and perceive whatever I want everything to be like.

Suddenly, reality hits me: What do I want everything to be like?

When a rock tries to trip me, I don’t blame the rocks.

I think we forget that when it comes to people.

We forget to look at them from their own perception.

But then, time repeatedly reminds us what we also forget:

People can only understand what is said to them at their own level of perception.

And sometimes, people choose to never move, never grow, and stick to the zones they are comfortable in.

It is especially difficult when these people are those you love most.

Expectations come into place where you thought they would be there for a long time,

But they end up for… not so long.

The ending is a loss, and unexpected losses are the hardest to overcome.

How do I overcome this pain of recurring loss and change and transition and outcomes of grief?

How do I come over to my healing?

I try to remember that the people who choose to not move, are those that do not align with my pathway.

I must not gravitate and fixate like posited orbits in space,

Yet I do, all the time.

So again and again, nature reminds me:

Every individual’s pathway is simply a journey to find their north star.

My mind is not limited to just one galaxy with planets orbiting around one radiant star,

But rather, its potential lies as an infinite universe of stars that expansively shine.

I trust that I am approaching closer and closer to my ultimate north star, despite what is not currently in my sight.

If I find myself stuck, or if I trip on the rocks,I must muster up the courage to be completely honest to myself and what I want:

I reroute my pathway for smoother exploration amidst the seasons, to venture with poise towards the exciting yet fearful unknown.

However, a sticky presence endlessly lurks:

what happens when moments transform into permanence? What if I get stuck?

What if everything becomes too taxing and overwhelming, to the point where the air consumes me?

I must return to the trees.

I must remember to breathe.

I must recollect my inner groundedness and recall the core of self.

Everything in nature requires time to transform into something beautiful: flowers, trees, butterflies, and plants.

And so, I offer myself the inner work, patience, and trust with time, to make things beautiful around me too.

Because if nature can be beautiful in every season,

Then I can make every season of my life beautiful, too.


(This poem is an original piece, and its photos included are individually and personally taken.

The poem was partially inspired by Katrina Fenner, who I would like to thank (check out her instagram for more of her work, @inkdroplets! I highly recommend reading her latest poetry book which is now out on Amazon, And All Things Fragile, which has a segment that focuses on the healing power of nature.

I hope you enjoyed. <3)

Sending much love to all always, and wishing everyone a restful break with the holidays!

- Kat <3

IG: @plantifullylivin


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