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The World Changers

A single idea is planted in the creative grounds of your mind.

Your ideas become thoughts.

Thoughts become actions.

And repetition of action becomes behavior.

You cannot control others’ behavior, only your thoughts.

So when you feel the world around you is rude,

speaking with loving respect and compassionate acceptance,

inwardly and outwardly, is the best way to make it less ruder.

Mindfulness is knowing that you are in control of your thoughts, instead of your thoughts controlling you.

The release of all grudges, bitterness, and resentment stems from holding onto what does not serve you. By letting go, you invite freedom and liberating relief into your home.

With the pandemic amplifying many forms of racism right now, indignation seems like the most prevalent form of anger in the air.

We all want justice and fairness to prevail. But this world is not perfect, and sometimes, no amount of words can ever make up for injustice. After all, the best apology is changed behavior.

But unpopular truth: because you cannot force anyone to apologize for their past wrongdoings, the only apology you will ever need is one towards yourself…

It is okay if you feel angry for not getting what you or others deserve. It is okay if you feel lost and scared to the unknown. You are okay, whatever and wherever you are right now.

Inward compassion will maximize outward compassion for greater results.

What is now in control must come from the hands of yourself. Although you can make a difference, everything outside of you is out of your control. By recognizing our inner selves as the source of our true power, nothing external may come in your way.

The future generations depend on the current actions we make now.

Doing our best comes from a place when we are our best selves, with the stabilization of prioritized inner peace.

We must strive to make an impact, not to make profit.

We must strive to show ourselves, not to show off.

We must be open and receptive to create changes from empathy, not opinions.

Stubborn people will be stuck and stagnant, because they will not be able to move as much as the braver ones who are willing to show up for growth. People who are difficult are only difficult because they are resistant to receptivity.

Positive change and social justice derive from an empathetic place of understanding, instead of narrow entitlement and righteousness.

Change will come from ones who will be mature, responsible, and accountable enough for their prejudices, privileges, and personal weaknesses. They are also the ones who are assertive and confident enough use their skills, assets, and strengths for making that positive impact.

What will your positive impact be?

What will you do to change the world for the better?

What can you do TODAY?

Environmental sustainability, LGBTQ+ rights, animal rights, women’s rights, racial issues, climate change, tackling ableism, mental health services? There are so many options, and we have a lot of work to do.

Simply spreading kindness is already a great start. It does wonders for a world that can never have too much of it.

Better days come from giving. Give your best effort to inform, listen, and speak up in all ways that you can.

You do not need to solve every problem in the world: seek progress, instead of perfectionism.

Better days will come from the helping hands and open ears of those who seek to amplify harmony and healing.

Through the glues of education, advocacy and activism unite to hold humanity together.

Let us return to a time when diversity was embraced, and differences were celebrated.
Let us conquer the chains of cruelty with cyclic chains of love.

Although feeling unlovable has become normalized, we are love.

We are part of the world.

We are the world.

Sending much love your way, always.

- Kat <3

IG: @plantifullylivin

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