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To Live in Truth

Do you live in your truth, or do you exist within others’ facades that injects your peace, to interject truth?

Truth is already right in front of your face.

It is here in the moment. For it is the shape that you can already trace without seeing it — its intangibility leaves space for you to define its restrictions and limits... and maybe it has none. Limitlessness is already there, waiting patiently, sitting silently, and it is in the moments of breath between the inhale and the exhale where you can sink in to connect with the highs and the lows, to stabilize towards a middle, a peaceful middle, and not one where it’s a heavy fight among many sides.

It is a middle marked in the personal being of a constant serenity where you can finally feel infinite.

It is when you feel warmth of the sun’s light as you bask in your hidden power,

with stomach residing on the frizzy grass,

which reflects the silent and slow process

of blooming from where our seeds came to be.

But blooming is hard.

Maybe we were born in the deserts where the heat parched parts of our peace,

or in desolated elevated lands of the mountains,

where grand glory rests right in front of us, but the snowstorms destroyed us into a wistful reality of wondering “if only I could have been born anywhere but here.”

What could have been if I was anywhere but here?

The wind has blown the seeds of our selves for the dispersal of loss and chaos,

but it is when time gently allows us to reach towards the sky as the rain quenches our pain.

It is that direction to reach up high, upwards, towards the other end of the blue endless limits.

Upwards, when lovely dewdrops and fresh sweet mist can be felt and tasted and sucked into the lungs of our broken parts.

Every breath of wind,

drop of weather,

and dampness of dirt

is what constitutes every aspect of our being,

from core to stem, to transform into our natural beauty.

These are the moments that make the fear worth it —

when the peeling of shame uncovers and no longer envelops who you are,

when you realize your permanent worth nesting from within.

These are the moments when you live, and the memories that make life worth living: the revelation of your truth.

Rejection is just redirection.

Loss is lesson.

Grief is growth.

Death is rebirth.

Releasing the control of our roots is when freedom reveals itself

as truth reveals itself

inside, right there, within you,

for your light to shine through

just as a flower blossoms between the cracks of a sidewalk.

- Kat <3

IG: @plantifullylivin

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