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Kat's Plantiful Eats

Kat's Plantiful Eats

(This is an e-book I created in high school, prior to getting accepted at UC Davis as a nutrition science major, and then switching to psychology. :) I thought I would still put it here on my blog if anyone is interested. Enjoy!)


Do you want delicious vegan recipes for convenience AND nourishment? Are you interested in what veganism is really all about? Then this is the e-book to read!


  • 55+ RECIPES with gluten-free, refined-sugar free, and raw options!
    • Frequent recipes designed for active or busy people on-the-go.
    • Includes a variety of traditional Filipino veganized recipes.
    • Covers every meal: Breakfast, lunches, dinners, sides/sauces, and dessert.
    • MANY of them are brekkie and dessert recipes, since those are my favorites!
    • Easy and simple instructions for anyone to follow.
  • Beautiful, quality food and nature photos taken by me!
  • Top 3 Reasons why people go vegan!
  • My weight loss + self-love story!
  • Tips for Going + Staying Vegan!
  • The Vegan Essentials!
  • Vegan Resources/Credible Sources!

- If you make any of the recipes, it would be wonderful if you can tag me in your Instagram photo along with the hastag #plantifullylivin so I can see all of your beautiful recreations. Whether you're a busy student or health-conscious adult, these recipes are made to satisfy the taste buds AND your health!

- ALSO, I highly recommend that you download this e-book on your laptop and computer since it may take up too much space on your phone!


LINK TO THE E-BOOK (do not purchase off this website please!):

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